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I tried to present a story about my wife's message, but I think it could have been a little too long. So 10movs I 'm going back some 12 years to my best friend Pat and John. Pat and I are still good friends, but they separated some years ago. But for now these facts, we have had a great time. He learned that he had to play. A little warmth for a week or so after you just say, 'Well, 10movs if I can I can. ' It 10movs all started with one man in the bar where he worked on Thursday nights. He was a great guy, both height and weight, but she said it was a very nice guy. One night he came home later than usual in the morning by a clock. She wanted at the top and asked if I knew why, as it was Mike. I said yes and she gave me the run down. It was his birthday and the guys at the pub had a few drinks too many Pat was 10movs driving home. Always in the house, he asked in a cafe and then describes the events as follows. He was unmarried and lived at home with an elderly mother who went to bed early. Pat made ​​coffee and just said he was sorry for him, giving him a kiss and hug him with the feeling between her legs. He thought what the heck went before him, took his cock gave a couple of sucks and wine. So she kissed him good night and went home. Now we have had a good lay there on the floor in the living room. Three weeks later I was sitting outside the back of our house when they brought him. I saw the strip in the living room and then make your own clothes. The first time I saw her naked with another man she had loved, as he bent to kiss and turned his feelings before he got it. Pat was then rely on she was thirty- five years, but with big tits. When I was naked, had a large stomach, which could only 10movs be to erect tail. As he undressed he took her hand and began walking toward the door, the stairs. They 10movs were going up!Damn I look at what happened. I panicked, I could see was a ladder against the window, but my neighbors. Oh hell, then looked back to see the hand on the couch. Pat later told me he wanted to have in bed, but she knew 10movs that meant that I see, so he had said then. Now she sat on the couch, and he then knelt down and kissed her breasts and then turned so that his legs were the couch and put his head between his legs. After a few minutes, while Pat looked out the window and smiled, although I do not know what she knew I was there. Then she pulled on the couch and she lifted her left leg in the back and left leg was on the floor. Was among them was a vision that dominated the entire fat ass between her legs and moved a little and then slowly looked shit. I could barely see it. His 10movs head was well below the breast and fmost of your stomach tucked out of sight. It took a while, then looked up to speed. Pat later told me it was so difficult when you go for it, I could not begin to take breath. As suggested a change. From there, where I could see, he stopped and came out of it, had a quick look at her pink pussy and she got up walked to the chair in the room, got into the middle of the room and knelt before her, so I was on the side of the window that was. He left behind a quick grope between her legs had taken from the tail forward. His stomach was in the ass, but it takes hard. The whole time I was face to the window, and I was his expression as he stared and sold quickly. His breathing was labored, and pushed back and forth, but the damned. Then he retired to take his ass cheeks, and shuddered when he came inside. He kissed and dressed. She put her skirt andBlouse and went to the door to let him out. He then returned to the back door and opened it. I went into it, said, 'What do you think? My hand went right between my legs and I know what boys, their wives in common, as it fell. The rabbit was open and wet cum with a single shot. I hurried to a kitchen chair, dropped my pants, she moved to lifted my skirt and my legs and sat down. What a beautiful pussy was 10movs smelling aftershave her pussy is so wet. so good. in the following excerpt, making them available I will put my friend's page and how to go 10movs with her to talk. Any comments you send Bobsea1_1999yahoo. co. UK
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7 mai 2012 1 07 /05 /mai /2012 15:24

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